Why Do Educators Love MathBRIX?

Early Education

MathBRIX is built specifically for early elementary, shown by research to be a critical time for developing math skills.


Our activates are presented in a fun, game-based format that keeps kids engaged and focused on what they’re learning.

Conceptual Approach

On-screen manipulatives are used extensively in activities, tying concrete representations of math to notation.


MathBRIX is an adaptive learning platform that learns as students learn, providing just the right challenge every time.

Play Anywhere

Our cloud-based system runs on almost any platform (iPads, Chromebooks, etc.) and student work is portable from device to device.


Teachers can track student progress by state and national standards across multiple devices simultaneously, all in real time.

Games by grade level


Counting, number recognition, simple addition and subtraction operations.

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First Grade

More advanced operations (making 10, decomposing numbers leading to 10), place value, addition and subtraction within 100.

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Second Grade

Place value, pre-multiplication skills, strategies for solving problems with multiple 2-digit and 3-digit numbers.

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Games by category


Discover 1-to-1 correspondence and learn to associate written numerals with spoken numbers.

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Number Recognition

Practice identifying numbers presented in a variety of different formats.

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Number Sense

Develop an intuitive understanding of numbers and the relationships between them.

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Strengthen comprehension of the relative magnitude of different numbers and practice using the greater-than, less-than, and equals signs.

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Build critical thinking and problem-solving skills by classifying and sorting items with various attributes.

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Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Learn the cornerstones of elementary mathematics with addition, subtraction, and pre-multiplication.

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Place Value

Practice place value concepts and visualize the different orders of magnitude.

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